Billboard encouraging affairs as kids go back to school branded “tasteless”

A billboard ‘advising affairs’ as kids return to school has been branded “revolting” and “tasteless”.

The advert for, a dating site for extra marital affairs, shows two tick boxes with the phrases ‘kids back to school’ – ticked, and ‘time for an affair’ – for which the box has been left empty.

It also has a picture of a red bra hung up and includes the website details.

A photograph of the advert was posted on Twitter with the caption: “In Elephant and Castle right now. Should we be advising affairs?”

Many have been outraged at the billboard, expressing shock that affairs are seemingly being advertised.

One Twitter user wrote: “Good grief I don’t think any affairs should be happening nevermind advertising them.”

It also prompted a debate on Mumsnet with one saying: “I am shocked and appalled that something like this would be tolerated by the deeply moral advertising industry?”

Another wrote: “I do hope it does get removed.

“Saw it on my morning run, I’m sure I’m not the only one it’s upset, and I don’t think I’m that easily offended.”

Others said it was “revolting” and “tasteless”.

But not everyone was against the advert.

One said: “People have affairs its a dating site like any other but I suppose its more honest than Tinder as its clear what you are signing up for.”

Another asked: “Breaking your marriage vows is not a criminal offence, so under what ‘rules’ would you have the ad banned?”

“It is tasteless but the ad has kind of worked in that it has provoked us to talk about it.

“To be honest, people willing to have an affair won’t need a billboard or ‘no strings attached’ hookup website to help them!”

A spokesperson for Illicit Encounters said: “We certainly didn’t want to cause offence.

“We recognise thousands of parents and adults across the country have been through the ringer in the past 12 months.

“Now the kids are finally back to school there’s never been a better moment to inject some fun and excitement back into their lives and that’s all we wanted to say with this advert.”